CAMERA Fellows in Focus: Leora Eisenberg

December 5, 2016

The CAMERA Fellowship program supports student leaders in developing and strengthening their pro-Israel activism on campus. With the school year underway, InFocus is giving you an inside look into the lives of the 2016-17 CAMERA Fellows who are working hard to promote the facts about Israel on campus.

Meet Leora Eisenberg.

CAMERA Fellow Leora Eisenberg.

CAMERA Fellow Leora Eisenberg.

Leora Eisenberg is a freshman at Princeton University who hopes to major in Near East Studies. She enjoys writing, reading, singing, teaching yoga, and educating others about Israel and Judaism. She speaks English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, French and German, and entertained dreams of working as an interpreter in the Middle East.

Leora is a passionate advocate of Israel, and has been featured in publications such as the Algemeiner, Orthodox Union, Hevria, the Forward, and more. She also maintains a regular blog at the Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel.

Some of Leora`s recent articles can be found below:

Twitter anti-Semitism, and how Princeton beat it (The Daily Princetonian, 11/15/16)

Action, Not Apathy, is Key to Assisting in the Zionist Project (The Algemeiner, 4/10/16)

That awkward moment when the MSNBC anchor tweets something anti-Semitic (Times of Israel blog, 2/9/16)


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