Statement on Anti-Semitic Fliers Distributed at University of Illinois

March 16, 2017

(Photo Credit – Eva Zeltser, Facebook)

This week, a horrifying flyer was distributed in the University of Illinois, Chicago. Aviva Slomich, International Campus Director of CAMERA, made the following statement in response to this horrendous anti-Semitism.

“My grandfather fought the Nazis and their fascist allies in WWII, my father stood up against the Neo Nazis and extremist radicals through the 80s and 90s and now I, through leading CAMERA’s campus department, refuse to stay silent against targeted attacks against Jewish students. Anti-Semitism is the world’s oldest hatred, and it appears in different forms. But make no mistake – even when it is dressed up in the contemporary language of privilege, anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism.

CAMERA on Campus calls upon the administration of the University of Illinois to fully investigate this matter, in order to find the perpetrator of this act, and to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken in response.”

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