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January 9, 2018

Scene of the protest at Hen Mazzig’s 2016 CAMERA event at UCL.

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While commendably inviting Israeli lecturer Hen Mazzig back to speak on January 25th after his CAMERA event was violently disrupted in 2016, UCL is not permitting the majority of London area students who attended the original event to attend this one because they are not UCL students.

UCL does not have a policy of restricting events only to UCL students.

Instead of ensuring that proper security measures are in place and that disruption will not be tolerated, UCL is choosing to exclude students from other local schools.

This means that many Jewish students cannot attend what would be a significant event for them.

Why is UCL, in effect, capitulating to intimidation tactics by the anti-Israel mob that tried to silence Hen in 2016?

Please sign our students’ petition and tell UCL #NotOnOurCampus.  Let Hen Mazzig speak to students from across London without disruption!

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